Fast simulation of NIL process and pattern dependencies

Simprint Nanotechnologies offers ways of short-circuiting the wasteful, iterative process-development cycle that is currently involved in using NIL. By drawing from the fields of contact mechanics and polymer engineering, we have devised an extremely fast way of simulating the deformation of material that occurs both in NIL and in hot micro-embossing, a process widely used in microfluidics manufacturing. Compared with conventional mechanical simulation techniques, our approach is at least 1000 times faster. Using our techniques, engineers can produce complex device designs that are amenable to imprinting or embossing, and select appropriate processing parameters before going into production.

The simulation techniques received the 2009 Software in Design Innovation Award from the Institution of Engineering and Technology. We were semi-finalists in the 2009 MIT $100K business plan competition and one of 36 teams invited to the 2009 Rice University Business Plan Competition.