Simprint Core: T-NIL and UV-NIL with spun-on resists

Simprint Core provides fast, full-chip simulation of residual layer thickness and stamp cavity filling in thermal and UV-NIL. With Simprint Core you can:

Simulate both thermal and UV-curing NIL of spun-on resists
Visualize the evolution of residual layer thickness uniformity during imprinting
Explore the extent of stamp-cavity filling
Balance simulation speed with spatial resolution as required
Determine the impact of nano-scale wafer surface roughness
Make use of Simprint's intuitive graphical user interface
Import GDS-format design files
Plot cross-sections through imprinted patterns
Export images for reports

Balance simulation speed with spatial resolution as needed:

Full graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to use:

Explore residual layer thickness uniformity:

Explore extent of stamp-cavity filling:

Plot cross-sections; export images for reports:

Simprint Droplet Dispense Module

The Droplet Dispense Module can quickly simulate the spreading and coalescence of tens of thousands of resist droplets beneath an imprint template.

Simprint Multiscale

Simprint Multiscale offers results with a higher degree of detail than the Droplet Dispense Module, and provides sub-droplet-scale predictions of non-fill defect locations and volumes for a given droplet-dispensed imprint process, pattern layout extractions and droplet placement file. The software also enables users to input empirical models for resist spreading beneath patterned templates.

Further information

All our software packages can now be run using the freely available Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) and do not require a Matlab licence to operate. Software is available for Windows and Linux platforms. For more information, view our software information sheet, visit the website of our partner, NIL Technology, or contact us at