Simprint Nanotechnologies Ltd

Simprint Nanotechnologies provides software tools and simulation services to users of nanoimprint lithography (NIL). We offer an extremely fast way of simulating the nano-scale transformation of material involved in NIL. Our software allows semiconductor, photonics, and data-storage manufacturers to use nanoimprint reliably and with greatly reduced development costs. Simprint software helps users to build intuition about the physics of the nanoimprint process, making it invaluable in nanoimprint lithography research.

2016 software releases: This year we have released a new version of our flagship simulation package, Simprint Core v4.1, which can simulate both UV-NIL and thermal NIL, and includes multi-layer stamp modelling. We have also recently released our Droplet Dispense Module v1.1, which can simulate spreading and coalescence of multiple UV-curable resist droplets, and Simprint Multiscale v1.1, which simulates non-fill defect formation at the droplet scale across an entire imprinted field. See our product guide for more details of these and other upcoming module releases.